Industrial equipment

Our story
We were established in 2004.

In the beginning, our core business was the supply and maintenance of French gas analyzers.

Another area of activity for us was the provision of metrological services to government enterprises, namely: various paperwork, preparation of instruments for verification and calibration processes, as well as supply of metrological, and other equipment to specialized laboratories and customers.

Our main customers are industrial enterprises, metrological laboratories, chemical plants, gas companies, oil refineries, as well as nuclear and other power plants.

We are currently engaged in the design, supply and installation of the aforementioned special equipment, as well as certification services and after-sales servicing.

Equipment supply
Warranty and post-warranty support

Vibration/measurement equipment

We provide maintenance services for vibration and measurement equipment.

After-sales service

We continue to provide after-sales service for the gas analyzers supplied to our customers. We request…